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Daryna’s communication and professionalism

Daryna Huz was the photographer for our wedding at Castello Marchione in Puglia, Italy.

We found Daryna through our wedding planner, and we instantly fell in love with her style. Thankfully we were able to book her for our wedding in early June of 2022 and working with her was a dream from the very beginning. Daryna’s communication and professionalism were apparent straight away. Packages were clear and easy to understand. The contracts were in English and completely transparent and straight forward.

The package we opted for included shooting during the preparation of the groom and bride and a total of ten hours of work on the wedding day itself; from the bridal party preparations through to the first dance.

Daryna sent us a questionnaire to complete, in advance of the wedding date, to better understand the family dynamics at the wedding, and which aspects of the wedding we wanted to prioritize capturing. Furthermore, we were able to clearly communicate what kind of aesthetic we would appreciate in the final product. Daryna made the process of working together feel very easy like a true collaboration.

As neither my bride nor myself lived in Italy, the first time we actually met Daryna was on our wedding day, but it was instantly obvious that she really cared about getting the best shots possible. My wife said she did not feel self-conscious at any point during the ‘bridal party preparation’ photography. With respect to our ceremony, although taking place during late afternoon, the southern Italy sun was still very harsh. Despite this we got the sense our photographer had absolutely no hesitation in capturing our most special moments using right angles and lighting. Daryna was also able to assert herself gracefully to get the best pictures, very important for the large group shots.

Throughout the reception and until the first dance I barely noticed Daryna. She was able to be relatively inconspicuous during this time, which was fantastic for candid pictures. The moments I did notice her, I saw she paid special attention to other vendors at the wedding, working well with the videographer we had hired and understanding the importance of capturing the setting as well as the guests. Daryna was also able to understand and respect our wishes during the day, sacrificing some of the best light for portrait photography right before sunset as we wished to proceed with speeches at this point.

Although I cannot remember exactly the time at which Daryna departed, I feel as though she stayed a little longer than we had paid for. We are really touched by this, as it meant she was able to capture some amazing candid shots during the band performance and dancing.


Within the timeframe agreed at the contract stage, Daryna was able to provide us with a link to the fully edited photos.

Both myself and my now-wife were completely blown away by the final product. We had high expectations, but they were surpassed easily by the photos we saw. The sheer abundance and quality of the photography left us reminiscing for days. This was genuinely a special moment for us, and we’d like to thank Daryna for capturing images of our day that gave us this time of happy reflection.

The finished portrait photos look extremely sophisticated. They are refined and tastefully edited. The colour palette is perfect and matches the setting, flowers, and décor of the day. They are filled with flattering light and the correct angles. In her candid shots, Daryna was able to perfectly balance the grandeur of the Castello setting with the intimacy of small moments between guests. The black and white photos included in our package were like a dream.

Honestly, we could not wait to share the link to all the photos with our friends and family. We received a tonne of compliments for our photos. From the website it was very easy to download both full size photos (for printing) and web size photos (perfect for Instagram posts as I suspect larger files would go through some compression and lose image quality!)

In terms of negatives, there are very few to mention, if any. The only thing we can think of is that the photos on the site are not in perfect chronological order, so it is sometimes difficult to find a certain photo from the evening (there were a LOT of photos). There is, however, a function on the website that allows you to ‘favorite’ certain photos so you can easily return to them. Therefore, in truth, it is not really an issue.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you should book Daryna Huz for your wedding in Italy (or anywhere in Europe), my advice would be to book her -as soon as possible-… before she becomes completely unavailable for the foreseeable future.

She is an artist, and she really cared about our photos. We are so happy we chose her to our photographer.

Thank you, Daryna Huz!

Tommy (and Allie) Evans

Thank you, Daryna, for sharing your talent with us! 

Daryna was absolutely everything we could have wanted in a wedding photographer. She came highly recommended by my wedding planner, and I am so glad we were introduced to her! Our wedding was planned over an 18 month period, and Daryna was so flexible with us when confirming the date, venue, and our unique requests for welcome party photos. We had a small wedding, and Daryna made every one of our guests feel like they stole the show! Every person in attendance commented on her professional and vivacious personality. Instead of feeling stale or uncomfortable in our photos, Daryna made the experience playful and really brought it to life. She took time to pose us and our guests to perfection without making the experience feel stuffy! Truly a masterful photographer! Now, for the photos themselves… they are truly jaw dropping. Daryna delivered them in 1/2 of the expected time frame, exceeding our expectations! And the photos are just magical! There is so much color and emotion carefully wrapped into each one. She didn’t miss a single detail of our special day! I truly don’t think we could have had a better photographer! Thank you, Daryna, for sharing your talent with us! I’m praying our paths cross again soon ????

Katherine & Nicolas

Great professional


We relied on Daryna for our wedding, we couldn't have made a better choice.
Daryna is a great professional who works impeccably and cares so much about her work.

The photos she takes are true masterpieces.

🇮🇹 Ci siamo affidati a Daryna per il nostro matrimonio, non potevamo fare scelta più azzeccata. 
Daryna è una grande professionista che lavora in maniera impeccabile e tiene tantissimo al suo lavoro. 
Le foto che scatta sono dei veri e propri capolavori.




Daryna ha reso il nostro giorno ancora più meraviglioso

Daryna made our day even more wonderful

We met Daryna at our friends' wedding, from that day we already knew who our wedding photographer would be.


🇮🇹 Abbiamo conosciuto Daryna al matrimonio dei nostri amici, da quel giorno sapevamo già chi sarà il fotografo delle nostre nozze.

Jelena V.

Thank you so much for the beautiful memories!

Thank you so much for the beautiful memories!

Professional, helpful, creative! She knows how to put everyone at ease and captures the most unforgettable moments!
Thank you so much for the beauty of your work, originality and aesthetic taste, we were satisfied! The photos are beautiful! From the heart. Irina and Luca

🇮🇹 Grazie mille per i bellissimi ricordi! 
Professionale, disponibile, creativa! Sa mettere a proprio agio tutti e coglie i momenti più indimenticabili! 
Grazie mille per la bellezza del tuo lavoro, originalità e gusto estetico, siamo rimasti soddisfatti! Le foto sono bellissime! Di cuore. Irina e Luca

Irina e Luca



I chose Daryna out of many photographers for her beautiful portfolio. And I wasn't wrong! She is truly professional. I love the way she does things. Looking at the photos, I feel like I am the model of Vogue Magazine.

🇮🇹 L'ho scelta Daryna  tra i tanti fotografi per il suo splendido portfolio. E non ho sbagliato! È davvero professionista. Adoro il suo modo di fare. Guardando le foto, mi sento  come fossi la modella di Vogue Magazine.

Irina &  Ynus


Daryna is an exceptional photographer, she has taste and artistic sense and manages to faithfully interpret the style and personality of the bride and groom. She is a very nice and dynamic person with

whom it was a pleasure to organize and carry out the photo shoots. We also did a pre-wedding shoot with her, which was essential to loosen up a bit in front of the lens. The wedding album, the printing of the photos and the box in which everything was stored far exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!

🇮🇹 Daryna è una fotografa eccezionale, ha gusto e senso artistico e riesce a interpretare fedelmente lo stile e la personalità degli sposi. È una persona simpaticissima e molto dinamica con la quale è stato un piacere organizzare e realizzare i servizi fotografici. Con lei abbiamo anche fatto un servizio pre-matrimoniale che è stato fondamentale per scioglierci un po' davanti all'obiettivo. L'album di nozze, la stampa delle foto e il cofanetto dentro il quale tutto era riposto ha superato di gran lunga le nostre aspettative. Consigliatissima!

Martina e Gianluca