About ME...


Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. David Alan Harvey....


Hi, I am Daryna.
I am a professional Photographer.
I started my career as a Photographer in Ukraine in 2012.
I first came to Italy as a traveler to find myself... and to enjoy this beautiful country. How fortunate I was to find my partner here, the love of my life.. Yes you have guessed it, I am a hopeless romantic.. and decided to marry and settle down in Italy, but I had to carry my passion of photography along with me. Photography is for me, a spontaneous impulse that comes from an ever-attentive eye, which captures the moment and its eternity. — Henri Cartier Bresson..... So true a sentiment, one that I aspire to.
I love photographing the people, capturing their emotions, and their personalities and ultimate sentiments.
I love working as a wedding photographer, creating true natural love stories for couples, photographing children, and shooting models.
I adore making my clients feel comfortable and forming the trust that is so important to me and my work which gives us all the reassurance, joy and satisfaction at the end of the day.

I really enjoy the different aspects of my job... from the first contact with my clients all the way through the process to the amazing end results.
I truly feel passionate about my work.


The secret of every photographer is simple and genuine: only great things can be born from the love of photography and every great love deserves a professional who knows how to capture it.

I recognize how significant your wedding is to you, and I will work diligently to capture those priceless moments for you in exclusive beautiful photographs. I will add a unique touch to your photos to give them a fantasy-like appearance. Prepared to experience your fairytale? View some of my work in the gallery and read the wonderful reviews from my happy clients in order to get a taste of what is in store.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer or haven’t yet decided on your destination wedding venue, please contact me for more information and help in your planning.



Mio nome é Daryna 

Ho iniziato a lavorare come fotografa in Ucraina nel 2012
Venuta in Italia per un viaggio di piacere , ho trovato qui l’amore e mi sono sposata .
Ho deciso di lasciare tutto e trasferirmi in Italia , ma non potevo lasciare anche la passione della fotografia 
Mi piace fotografare le persone, le loro emozioni, i loro sentimenti.
Amo fotografare le modelle, bambini e i matrimoni. 
Adoro guidare il mio cliente durante la sessione fotografica ,farlo sentire a suo agio e creare di volta in volta location diverse, allestire con fantasia ogni progetto.
Credo che tutto nella vita sia equilibrato. Se io, come fotografa, eseguirò bene il mio lavoro e mi prenderò cura dei miei clienti, tutto andrà bene. 
Amo il mio lavoro.